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VINCI Tab Put to the Test

Courtesy of VINCI Genius

A local mom and journalist product tests VINCI tablet on her toddler.

VINCI Tablet 

What It Is: A seven-inch, multi-touch screen mobile tablet

The early learning device is designed for babies and toddlers, ages four and under. It comes equipped with educational games, story books and music videos. There is also a built-in camera. Designed by Dr. Dan D. Yang, an entrepreneur and mom, it offers “safe, fun and inspirational learning,” according to the company. 

Price: $389-$479, depending on model

Find It: amazon.com

The VINCI contains age-appropriate educational games, books and other entertainment for a variety of ages.

The safe, soft-cornered handles are latex- and BPA-free, and do a good job of protecting the tablet from the inevitable drops (or throws) by a young child.

Battery life is a significant issue, as it won’t even last most of the morning, let alone all day.

The hardware occasionally feels sluggish and the touch screen can sometimes be unresponsive, causing frustration in its little users.

Lack of WiFi means that you need to plug it in to download new apps or files. 

Given its high price, you can get an Android tablet for less, or for just a bit more, get the far better experience of an iPad, with its many thousands of apps for all ages.

Bottom Line: The VINCI’s smart, protective case kept it undamaged when my two-year-old son threw it down to the ground after playing with it for 20 minutes. The reason he threw it: He wanted us to let him play with the iPad instead. ‘Nuff said.

More Info: vincigenius.com

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