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Visions in Contemporary Living

Chris Mulhall

Visions in Contemporary Living
3323 Hyland Ave., Ste J
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The ultra-modern high-rise condominiums and sleekly styled homes that are becoming increasingly popular in Southern California use materials like glass, stainless steel, natural stone, and wood in striking compositions of simplicity and precision. They are deliciously appealing; it’s no wonder that people are trending toward the look. Yet such interiors need very special kinds of furnishings to bring out their best qualities. Second-generation furniture retailers Chris and Kathy Mulhall relish the role of providing them at Visions in Contemporary Living.

Established in 2007 at South Coast Collection’s (SoCo) progressive shopping center in Costa Mesa, the store’s energy, style, and vibrancy captivate visitors instantly. The store is unique in its commitment to intensely vivid colors, innovative water elements, original art, kinetic pieces, accessories, and a broad assortment of furnishings, from bar stools to sofas and end tables, that double as comfortable, functional furniture and modern sculpture.  

“We’re very selective as to what we put on the floor, and place a premium on things that are interesting in terms of both looks and function,” says Mulhall. “Kathy and I also like things with intensity, motion and movement. We’re big on waterfalls and water art because of how they deliver in terms of movement and color. Collections like this are rare finds for shoppers.”

Most important, nearly everything is customizable to the finest detail. If you see something that features, say, wood trim where you’d prefer aluminum, they can have a custom version made to order, be it artwork or furniture. Custom glass tables in an array of looks, from crackled to flawlessly clear glass, are available in all dimensions and shapes. Area rugs, crucial for lending warmth and softness to contemporary interiors, are customizable in the size, color, and texture you want, from sculpted pile to deep shag.

“I’m so happy to see that people are gravitating to more color,” Mulhall says. “People love seeing it in furniture, yet stores like ours are so rare that the first thing we hear from probably nine out of 10 customers is, ‘Wow!’”

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