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‘Vitality' – the Movie

Everyone dreams. Maybe it’s owning beachfront property or traveling to the Galapagos or never having to work again. For Orange County acupuncturist and wellness guru Pedram Shojai, his big dream is becoming a reality.

Shojai, president of well.org, has had the same mission for years now: to make the world a much healthier place. With the September release of his Vitality movie, he is one step closer to his vision of a society where people live in a state of optimum health with the help of proper nutrition, exercise, state of mind, and rest.

His website and movie help empower us all to take control of our lives and live well. In his film, Shojai interviews experts in health-related fields to get their tips on how people can just be well. And the message is clear: There are things we can all do now that can make us healthier and make the world a better place. We just have to change our state to one of vitality.

Visit well.org for more information and to purchase the movie for $19.95.

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