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At Home With: Wing Lam and Kelly Paul

Wahoo's Fish Taco co-founder Wing Lam and Om My Soul founder Kelly Paul meld surfing and yoga into one happy life at home.

Ralph Palumbo

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Enter any Wahoo’s Fish Taco and the laid-back action sports vibe is hard to miss with the surf and skate company stickers and decals everywhere. That look has become the signature of the restaurant group co-founded by Wing Lam with his brothers.

At his Newport Beach abode, Lam certainly brings his love of surfing to his home. But there, it meets yogic serenity brought by his fiancée Kelly Paul, founder of Om My Soul, a yoga and barre company. We take a peek at Lam and Paul’s style at home.

Aesthetic sensibility of your home
Kelly Paul: Beach loft, open space with beach décor

The one thing you can’t live without in your house
Wing Lam: Joie, the cat. She loves to hide all over the house. KP: Life just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Favorite chair
WL: My rattan rocking chair covered in Hawaiian surf fabric. KP: Rocking chair my grandpa bought for my mom when I was born
On your nightstand
WL: Kelly has the only nightstand in the loft. KP: B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga and Light on Life, along with a wood om symbol and a Shiva head

The best place to think/imagine in your home

WL: The couch. It’s super comfy. KP: The kitchen. Cooking clears my mind, so whenever I am making dinner I am always thinking up new ideas for what is next in life.

A memento of how you and your family have successfully built a well-known restaurant business
WL: The Gerry Lopez, Rusty shaped and Shaun Tomson surfboards hanging from the ceiling. They kind of give you that feeling of being in the islands. KP: They make for a great conversation piece and look pretty cool when you walk into the house.

Something in the house borrowed from Wahoo’s interiors  
WL: A framed The Endless Summer poster from Bruce Brown

Small intimate gatherings or big parties at your house
WL: Small and intimate parties – easy to organize and the loft is not that big.

Elements of a typical summer party at home
WL: Salads, grilling fresh veggies, Kelly’s famous turkey burgers, cedar plank salmon, lots of fruits

Wine or cocktails when you entertain
WL: Champagne, Coronas and Tecates, pinots, vodka sodas. KP: Our signature drink is a Skinny Girl Margarita with orange and cucumber slices and mint leaves.

If your house had a signature soundtrack, the song you would play is...
WL: “Always” by Bon Jovi, ‘80s music by Journey, Black Sabbath, James Taylor. KP: “Someone like You” by Van Morrison

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