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Get Yoga Fit

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Check out our quick breakdown of yoga styles before venturing into this world of mind-body fitness.

Steve K. Zylius/The Orange County Register

Downward Dog. Child’s Pose. Warrior Pose. Yoga, the ancient art of meditation through a series of challenging poses, has taken the fitness world by storm. Its classes, taught at gyms and studios everywhere, are usually filled to the brim with veterans and newbies alike, all sharing a common goal of mastering their minds and bodies.

As simple as that goal may be, yoga itself can get a little complicated in terms of types and levels of yoga. Yoga styles differ in difficulty and speed. Some are targeted towards pregnant women, others benefit the elderly and some require extra strength and flexibility. But do not be deterred, finding the right type of yoga for you will be more than worth it. Check out our quick breakdown below to help get you started:

Ashtanga yoga is challenging and fluid. There is a constant movement from one pose to the next. It is designed to raise a person’s internal heat and cause him or her to sweat heavily. Benefits include an increase in blood circulation, flexibility and stamina.  

Pacific Ashtanga
24901 Dana Point Harbor Dr. Ste. 130, Dana Point
949.246.7315 :: pacificashtanga.com

Iyengar mostly deals with body alignment. Unlike Ashtanga, where there is a constant flow from one pose to another, Iyengar requires holding poses for long durations. Some poses require the use of props such as blocks, mats and straps to help achieve precise body alignment. Due to the slow pace and attention to detail of this style, it is enjoyed by all ability levels, including the elderly and disabled.

Yoga Tree Studio
129 N. Euclid St., Fullerton
714.388.4328 :: yogatreestudio.com

Bikram is guaranteed to make you sweat - since it’s done in 95-100 degree temperatures.  High temperatures warm up the muscles, tendons and joints, which helps the participant get a deeper stretch and reduces the chance for injury. Bikram yoga works your muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular system and flexibility. Participants of Bikram  are cautioned not to eat for three hours prior to class and to keep hydrated. Can you handle the heat?

Bikram Yoga Irvine
680 Roosevelt, Irvine
949.748.7780 :: bikramyogairvine.com

Hatha is the style that often comes to mind when you think yoga. It improves strength, endurance and heightens concentration through a series of postures with corresponding breathing. Hatha yoga has many different branches with different concentrations.  

Triad Yoga & Pilates
2626 Dupont Dr. Ste. A20, Irvine
949.724.1479 :: triadyogaca.com

Orange County yoga haven YogaWorks offers classes on a huge variety of yoga styles.  However, they bring something new to the plate with their own YogaWorks style. Blending the fluidity of the ashtanga style and the therapeutic aspect of Iyengar yoga, the YogaWorks style adds to the ever-growing list of treats to feed to an expanding population of yogis.

Multiple Orange County locations
:: yogaworks.com

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