2016 Travel Archive Stories

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  • Ivan Spiers’ Beloved South Africa By: Rosemary McClure | photography by shutterstock and La Cabrera
    Ivan Spiers may live in Laguna Beach, but he’s a global kind of guy, hopping all over the world with little notice. Spiers, who owns restaurants-with-a-view Mozambique and Skyloft in Laguna Beach, spent his youth in Durban, South Africa’s third-largest city. “I love Africa and its people. It has a different pace than the United
    Fri Apr 29, 2016
  • Author and travel writer Pico Iyer By: Coast Staff
    Pico Iyer is one of the most renowned living travel writers, but he says his biggest journey yet has been his adventures in going “nowhere.” At the next Register Book Club event Iyer will talk with Coast magazine Associate Editor Sam Dunn, not only to discuss insi
    Fri Apr 01, 2016
  • Stacey Kaszton Jones’ Buenos Aires By: Rosemary McClure | photography by shutterstock.com and La Cabrera
    “Mi Buenos Aires querido – my beloved Buenos Aires – when will I see you again?” asks Newport Beach marketing and branding expert Stacey Kaszton Jones. It’s a rhetorical question. She knows she’ll be drawn back.  Jones, who lived and worked in Buenos Aires from 2007 to 2009, returns frequently and thinks
    Fri Apr 01, 2016
  • Pack Up These Travel-Friendly Beauty Goodies By: Alene Dawson
    In the era of less-than-breezy airplane travel, it’s smart to trek light. No need to take a bathroom cabinet’s worth of personal-care products and an entire makeup bag. TSA-friendly beauty products abound. Here are a few of the prettiest to pack. Chanel Travel Makeup PaletteNo more hunting for this or that item i
    Fri Feb 26, 2016
  • Pascal Olhats’ Crème of Normandy By: Rosemary McClure | Photography by shutterstock, world image
    Pascal Olhats, often described as the go-to French chef in Orange County, has brought the tastes and flavors of France to local diners for more than 30 years. His coq au vin and beef bourguignon have the ability to transport a diner to the City of Light with one bite. When he’s not cooking, he enjoys leading tour groups to places in the wo
    Fri Feb 26, 2016
  • John Grossman’s Sun Valley By: Rosemary McClure | Photography by Zuma Press, Shutterstock
    Gary Cooper, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe helped put Sun Valley, Idaho, on the map decades ago. The ski town, blessed with a stunning natural location, is still popular with Hollywood’s glitterati. That makes a lot of sense to Laguna Beach fan John Grossman, who loves to brag about Sun Valley, where he grew up. “I may be biased, bu
    Tue Feb 02, 2016