Families can now bring home a new breed of feline. The Ashera is a hybrid of Asian leopard cat, African serval and domestic house cat.

2008-05-23 01:29:00
The exotic Ashera cat

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This designer Ashera cat will set you back $22,000-$125,000


hen most kids whine to their parents about getting a pet, they get a stern lecture about the responsibilities of caring for an animal, but When Jo and Victor Cachia’s daughters begged, it didn’t take much to convince their parents to buy them an exotic $22,000 Ashera cat and prance it back to their San Juan Capistrano home.

Maybe it was for a good cause (the Ashera cat was won at a Beverly Hills charity auction) and to be fair, the Cachia’s paid a fraction of the retail price, but even more egregious than the extravagant price tag is the wild nature of the Ashera.

A hybrid of Asian leopard cat, African serval and domestic house cat, the Ashera resembles a miniature leopard and has the same slim, sinuous profile and eerie predatory gaze as those found in the wild.

The standard Ashera starts at $22,000, but order the hypoallergenic variety, a snow-white coat of fur or the very rare Royal Ashera, and the price can skyrocket up to $125,000.

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