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Freedom of Web

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: A group of Santa Ana-based documentary filmmakers explores the importance of the Internet to democracy.

Large corporations are taking over the Web and restricting content to benefit their own financial desires. At least that is the idea that Akorn Entertainment, a Santa Ana-based production house, is exploring in its controversial full-length documentary called #killswitch.

#killswitch explores the idea that a free and open Internet is imperative to democracy in today’s world. The filmmakers, however, need your help. The producers of #killswitch have set a fundraising goal of $150,000, powered by Kickstarter. The project will only receive the funds if the total goal has been pledged by the closing date – July 2 at 8 p.m.

As of June 23, $15,827 had been raised to help the producers finish their film. Those who support the project will receive perks including an early release copy of the documentary, executive producer credits and the opportunity to recommend interview subjects.  

Producer Jeff Horn says, “This documentary is a way for us to actually add something to the debate and in fact help open it up to a broader audience that needs to be informed.”

For more information or to submit a pledge: kickstarter.com/projects/akorn/killswitch-a-documentary-film

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