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Blast to the Past

WEB-EXCLUSIVE: The OC Fair's Pac Amp concert series goes back '80s-style with Tears for Fears.


The Pacific Amphitheatre time traveled back to the '80s on August 1 with special guests Tears for Fears. The English pop duo was heavy on the synthesizer, bringing me back to the times of awkward romantic moments involving then-teen star Molly Ringwald.

Starting the show with one of their hits “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” the crowd went instantly to its feet. Both Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith looked as if they hadn’t aged a bit and their stage presence reiterated that.

With other Tears for Fears hits, “Mad World” and “Shout,” on the lineup, the evening was an absolute nostalgic adventure for anyone that ever sported a perm or parachute pants. Opening up for Tears for Fears was Carina Round, also a native of England.

Playing off her album Tigermending, you can tell she was thrilled to be part of the tour. Although a veteran opener (even opening for Annie Lennox), she got a little ahead of herself, demanding for the audience to sing along, but was returned with no sing along and a roar from the crowd saying they didn’t know the song. Although awkward in her attempt to feel like a rock star, she did start the night off with a nice melodic alternative rock vibe that left everyone ready for the appearance of Tears for Fears. 

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