About Us

Coast, a monthly regional lifestyle magazine, has had the same goal for over 20 years: provide readers with provocative features and slices of Orange County life in a distinctive style they cannot find in any other publication.

Our editorial staff is always searching for the colorful and the sophisticated, the overlooked and incomparable treasures that define the area as one of the most sought after addresses in the nation.

We're always trying to get to know our readers a little better, but here's a chance to get to know us...

Jeff Ditmire

Jeff Ditmire
Also Responds To: Hey, new guy!, Guy Smiley
Official Duties: Evangelizing that print is alive and well - at least here in Orange County
Additional Duties: Leading super hero sales team, dowsing fires, smiling through it all
Guilty Pleasures: Cheeseburgers and kittens (enjoyed separately, never together)
Turn-Offs: Fast-talkers, cubic zirconia and June gloom
Superhero Alter Ego: Toxic Avenger
Theme Song: "Disco Duck"


Justine Amodeo
Also Responds To: Are you on the phone?, Mom, Control Freak, tears
Official Duties: Managing editors, writers, photographers and designers, picking covers, choosing content
Additional Duties: Offering meditative insight in the midst of continuous drama
Guilty Pleasures: National Enquirer, Bugles, anything to do with vampires
Turn-Offs: Divisiveness and cruelty
Superhero Alter Ego: Sarasvati
Theme Song: "Time Rag" by Joan Baez


Jessica Peralta
Web Content Manager
Also Responds To: JP, The Other Jessica, Who does the website?, dry wit
Official Duties: Managing website, editing, writing about beauty and spas, assisting with magazine production, supervising interns
Additional Duties: Educating co-workers on the latest developments in the horror genre
Guilty Pleasures: Zombies, Slurpees, Doritos, '80s teen romance flicks, wearing scary monster makeup
Turn-Offs: Inconsideration, dishonesty and killer clowns
Superhero Alter Ego: Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow
Theme Song: "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways


Jessica Husami
Managing Editor
Also Responds To: The Other Jessica, Where does Justine sit?
Official Duties: Writing, editing, interviewing, research
Additional Duties: Snack supplier, restaurant guide
Guilty Pleasures: “Locked Up Abroad” on Nat Geo, gangster rap, too much butter, dessert every night
Turn-Offs: Dogma, closed-mindedness, status-driven people
Superhero Alter Ego: Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants
Theme Song: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen


Jenn Tanaka
Senior Editor
Also Responds To: JT, Tanaka-san and “Wait, you’re not Jessica…”
Official Duties: Writing, editing, formatting photos, coordinating with our designers and
the copy editor, magazine production
Additional Duties: Resident optimist, party planner, InDesign decoder, Asian ambassador
Guilty Pleasures: Anything fried or covered with gravy
Turn-Offs: Laziness and inefficiency
Superhero Alter Ego: X-Men’s Jean Grey or Sailor Moon
Theme Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey


Kedric Francis
Executive Editor
Also Responds To: Da-Da
Official Duties: Coast’s ambassador to the community
Additional Duties: Writing feature stories, always late
Guilty Pleasures: Carnitas and Diet Coke
Turn-Offs: Traffic and mean people
Superhero Alter Ego: Meta-Man
Theme Song: “Try a Little Tenderness”


Sarah Mosqueda
Contributing Editor
Also Responds To: Are you Sarah?
Official Duties: Writing, editing, formatting, styling, shooting video, assisting on shoots
Additional Duties: Dressing models and picking up Susan’s long forgotten sweaters
Guilty Pleasures: Taylor Swift, Dirty Dancing
Turn Offs: Dishonesty, ignorance, a sense of entitlement
Superhero Alter Ego: Lois Lane (technically not a superhero, but close enough)
Theme Song: “Brass in Pocket” by The Pretenders


Susan Segal
Calendar Editor/Contributing Writer
Also Responds To: Your Majesty
Official Duties: Writing the monthly events calendar and occasional articles, and copy editing
Additional Duties: Looking up unnecessary and arcane facts, demanding attention
Guilty Pleasures: Wii Lego games, Harry Potter and pedicures
Turn-Offs: Self-importance
Superhero Alter Ego: Wonder Woman
Theme Song: "Are You Alright?" by Lucinda Williams


Ed Olen
Also Responds To: Can you do me a favor?
Official Duties: Shooting
Additional Duties: Shooting
Guilty Pleasures: Showgirls, Grease 2, Peanut M&M's
Turn-Offs: Attitude
Superhero Alter Ego: Patsy Stone
Theme Song: "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra


Monica Hernandez
Director of Operations
Also Responds To: Why do we have to do it that way?, desperate looks through my window, freakish writing on contracts, any challenge to organize!
Official Duties: Budgeting, printing, paying bills, tracking sales, liaison for custom jobs, layout, production, circulation, etc. etc…
Additional Duties: Making sense out of chaos
Guilty Pleasures: Fideo at Old Town Mexican Cafe in San Diego (my food nirvana), reading the Sunday OC Register in bed with my hubby, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, big sloppy cheeseburgers, any beach-anytime-anywhere day or night
Turn-Offs: Selfishness, laziness, prejudice
Superhero Alter Ego: The Wizard
Theme Song: "My Way" by Little Joe y la Familia


Maria Mijares
Account Coordinator
Also Responds To: “Ask her, she's been here forever,” RSVP Queen
Official Duties: Ordering ads for billing, ensuring all ad materials are received from clients, monitoring the progress and status of all ads
Additional Duties: Mailing copies of magazines to those who request them, handling RSVP scheduling for events, ordering office supplies
Guilty Pleasures: Facebook, Food Network, going to jazz events
Turn-Offs: Bullies, narrow-mindedness
Superhero Alter Ego: Darna (Filipina equivalent of Wonder Woman)
Theme Song: “Corner of the Sky” from Pippin


Lee Offenhauer
Advertising Art Director
Also Responds To: Uh-oh, why won't this work?, What am I doing wrong?, Leeeeeee!!!
Official Duties: Designer, production go-to guy
Additional Duties: In-house IT representative, unofficial office green cop
Guilty Pleasures: Lakers basketball
Turn-Offs: SUVs, Hummers, greed
Superhero Alter Ego: The Green Lantern
Theme Song: "Catch the Wind" by Donovan


Charlie Lerner
Senior Account Manager
Also Responds To: Up calls and artist working
Official Duties: Sell, sell, sell and keep smiling
Additional Duties: Sell more and do all selling promos
Guilty Pleasures: Swedish Fish, jewelry online, fast cars
Turn-Offs: Frowns, gray skies, humidity, greasy fries
Superhero Alter Ego: Not me
Theme Song: Any jazz


Lori Conrads
Executive Assistant
Also Responds To: Can you do me a favor?, Mrs. Bon Jovi, sunshine
Official Duties: Helping everyone on the team with all the administrative duties and making sure we all have fun
Additional Duties: Keeping everyone on track by breaking out the New Jersey on anyone who gets out of line
Guilty Pleasures: Exotic vacations with overwater bungalows, Sunday Merlots at the San Clemente Pier, Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi
Turn-Offs: People who cannot put down their cell phone
Superhero Alter Ego: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Theme Song: “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi

Advertising Department Contact Information:

Jeff Ditmire, Publisher

Charlie Lerner, Senior Account Manager

Denise Adams, Senior Account Manager

Stacey Katz, Account Manager

Lisa Jackson, Director of Event Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Karen Connell, National Account Manager, New York


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