About Us

Coast, a monthly regional lifestyle magazine, has had the same goal for over 20 years: provide readers with provocative features and slices of Orange County life in a distinctive style they cannot find in any other publication.

Our editorial staff is always searching for the colorful and the sophisticated, the overlooked and incomparable treasures that define the area as one of the most sought after addresses in the nation.

We're always trying to get to know our readers a little better, but here's a chance to get to know us...

Jeff Ditmire

Jeff Ditmire
Also Responds To: Hey, new guy!, Guy Smiley
Official Duties: Evangelizing that print is alive and well - at least here in Orange County
Additional Duties: Leading super hero sales team, dowsing fires, smiling through it all
Guilty Pleasures: Cheeseburgers and kittens (enjoyed separately, never together)
Turn-Offs: Fast-talkers, cubic zirconia and June gloom
Superhero Alter Ego: Toxic Avenger
Theme Song: "Disco Duck"


Jenn Tanaka
Senior Editor
Also Responds To: JT, Tanaka-san and “Wait, you’re not Jessica…”
Official Duties: Writing, editing, formatting photos, coordinating with our designers and
the copy editor, magazine production
Additional Duties: Resident optimist, party planner, InDesign decoder, Asian ambassador
Guilty Pleasures: Anything fried or covered with gravy
Turn-Offs: Laziness and inefficiency
Superhero Alter Ego: X-Men’s Jean Grey or Sailor Moon
Theme Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey


Kedric Francis
Executive Editor
Also Responds To: Da-Da
Official Duties: Coast’s ambassador to the community
Additional Duties: Writing feature stories, always late
Guilty Pleasures: Carnitas and Diet Coke
Turn-Offs: Traffic and mean people
Superhero Alter Ego: Meta-Man
Theme Song: “Try a Little Tenderness”


Monica Hernandez
Director of Operations
Also Responds To: Why do we have to do it that way?, desperate looks through my window, freakish writing on contracts, any challenge to organize!
Official Duties: Budgeting, printing, paying bills, tracking sales, liaison for custom jobs, layout, production, circulation, etc. etc…
Additional Duties: Making sense out of chaos
Guilty Pleasures: Fideo at Old Town Mexican Cafe in San Diego (my food nirvana), reading the Sunday OC Register in bed with my hubby, Cincinnati Reds Baseball, big sloppy cheeseburgers, any beach-anytime-anywhere day or night
Turn-Offs: Selfishness, laziness, prejudice
Superhero Alter Ego: The Wizard
Theme Song: "My Way" by Little Joe y la Familia


Lee Offenhauer
Advertising Art Director
Also Responds To: Uh-oh, why won't this work?, What am I doing wrong?, Leeeeeee!!!
Official Duties: Designer, production go-to guy
Additional Duties: In-house IT representative, unofficial office green cop
Guilty Pleasures: Lakers basketball
Turn-Offs: SUVs, Hummers, greed
Superhero Alter Ego: The Green Lantern
Theme Song: "Catch the Wind" by Donovan


Charlie Lerner
Senior Account Manager
Also Responds To: Up calls and artist working
Official Duties: Sell, sell, sell and keep smiling
Additional Duties: Sell more and do all selling promos
Guilty Pleasures: Swedish Fish, jewelry online, fast cars
Turn-Offs: Frowns, gray skies, humidity, greasy fries
Superhero Alter Ego: Not me
Theme Song: Any jazz

Advertising Department Contact Information:

Jeff Ditmire, Publisher

Charlie Lerner, Senior Account Manager

Denise Adams, Senior Account Manager

Stacey Katz, Account Manager

Lisa Jackson, Director of Event Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Karen Connell, National Account Manager, New York


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