Anything Goes

(Left) Louis Vuitton knit wool cardigan and cotton briefs, leather collar, Fetish patent leather strap pump, Fetish techno fur gloves, and monogram Vernis bouclette Lockit; right Louis Vuitton embroidered guipure silk and mink jacket with embroidered guipure silk and mink briefs, Fetish high boot and wool hat, all available at Louis Vuitton/South Coast Plaza; Wolford stockings, available at Wolford/South Coast Plaza. :: We could not find out anything about the history of this building. The woman next door said her husband owned it but he didn't seem to want to talk to us. We definitely drew some curious onlookers here. Then a guy in a truck drove by, rolled down his window, and asked, "Is this still a boxing studio?" Mystery solved.

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