A Dream Home Realized
Neighborhood woes for the Knowles end with the modern, open-air home they always wanted.
In 2010, when C.C. and Chris Knowles finally were in a financial position to raze their Corona del Mar house and build their dream home, they thought it would be easy. At least C.C. did. “When we moved in 12 years ago, it was a single-story ho... Full story
Sea to Table
Sustainable, fresh, local seafood is the coastal take on the farm-to-table movement
Stephanie Mutz holds a master’s degree in marine ecology. But unlike most of her peers, Mutz does not spend her days working for nonprofits, conducting research or teaching marine preservation. As California’s only female urchin diver, sh... Full story
Spring Fashion
Romance is the word from Spring runways
Romance is the word coming off the 2016 spring and resort runways. Couture fashions showcase lace, flowing swaths of silk and delicate floral patterns. Inspired by sultry soirees and bedroom rendezvous, this season’s styles transition to effort... Full story
The Coast 50: They Influence and Inspire
Let’s just get this out of the way, in case you’re wondering how we did it: It wasn’t easy, picking the 50 with clout. Across every field of endeavor, so many of the people who choose to live here are the kind of people who make thi... Full story
The Pacific Symphony
How three Pacific Symphony players orchestrate their lives and livelihoods
A year ago, 29-year-old bass trombonist Kyle Mendiguchia would have jumped on a plane to audition for a respected midsize orchestra such as Kansas City Symphony. Unlike his current position with Orange County’s Pacific Symphony, the Kansas City... Full story
5 Exhilarating and innovative ways to get your exercise on
Wouldn’t it be great if the New Year’s song went, “Should old resolutions be forgot?” If you’re anything like the millions of other Americans, your resolutions probably involve maintaining a healthy lifestyle in 2016. Ma... Full story
A Corona del Mar home pushes the concept of contemporary architecture to new heights
For Catharina and Andrew Gerken, the idea of living in a contemporary home with some envelope-pushing design details was more inspiring than intimidating. “I’m from Sweden, where design is often a bit more contemporary and ahead,” C... Full story
Destination Wellness Spas
Southern California has some of the best destination wellness spas in the world. These luxury boot camps offer programs that will help you laugh at winter in style while you lose weight, learn how to eat right and lower your stress level.
Cal-a-Vie, VistaThe soft amber glow of sunrise is beginning to color the sky as a dozen hikers crest a hill in northwestern San Diego County. Their view encompasses steep slopes terraced with grapes, a long green valley and distant homes and business... Full story
Face it: Time for a Lift?
Sometimes creams, peels and injections aren’t enough
Around the time that a Long Beach X-ray technician turned 50, she began seeing her dermatologist twice a year for strategic poking and plumping. A couple of dozen units of the neurotoxin Botox to reduce the furrows in her forehead and the crow’... Full story
How long can we go?
Here’s what science knows about aging.
When the end comes, LaVerne Bugna, 96, will reunite with her beloved husband in a single plot at Pacific View Memorial Park, where she’s instructed their children to place her coffin facedown over his, as if poised for an eternal kiss. Bugna, ... Full story


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