Your passport to living
My mother, Deanne, was 44 when she decided to take on the most unlikely adventure imaginable. Deanne was a divorced single mother and a career woman who had risen from a staff nurse position into the administrative ranks at the tiny regional hospita... Full story
Flying high at Eagles Nest
Exploring the lush beauty of New Zealand’s North Island
We had to share a helipad. Our destination at seemingly the end of the world offered luxuries we had no idea we desired and a picturesque escape from the crowds we knew we needed to avoid. From handcrafted chocolate eggs – and a frog – t... Full story
Lanai: The island less traveled
Exploring the new Lanai
It’s a rough life for a visitor in Lanai: I wake up in a spacious and impeccably designed room offering ingenious high-tech touches, including a TV beautifully embedded in the bathroom mirror and a toilet lid that lifts as I enter.  Befor... Full story
Some like it haute
The gilded version of Paris shines for refined travelers
What can be said about Paris that hasn’t already been said? City of Light. One of the world’s most romantic destinations. Fine wine. Famous art. Luxurious lodging. Home of haute couture and haute cuisine. In fact, it boasts the third-high... Full story
Till Kingdom come
A camper's quest for happiness
The night before our first camping trip, my boyfriend waltzes in with a $400 tent called The Kingdom. We already have a dome tent that works fine, so I gripe about the purchase. “Why sleep in a dome when you can have a Kingdom?” he says.... Full story
Travel Tech
Must-have trending gadgets make life easy as a digital nomad
It’s not enough that our travel gear be portable. Now it must surpass our expectations to do more with less – less bulk, delay and inconvenience – all while offering more beauty, quality and ease. These travel essentials pack... Full story
Building the Dream Team
Nana-Ama Danquah made the medical system work to her best advantage, and you can too.
Thank you.   It was my last thought before the anesthesia took effect. I was having a hysterectomy as a means of dealing with a massive cluster of uterine fibroid tumors. I’d expected to be scared or, given the circumstances, hysterical (... Full story
Extreme Wellness
Boldly go where you haven’t gone before to feel – and look – your best
Full disclosure: When we sent different writers out into the county to experience the latest trending, out-of-the-box treatments and report back, we didn’t know whether to call this a health story or a beauty story. Was the premise, “When... Full story
Luxury at your fingertips
Why local entrepreneurs are transforming the nail salon experience
I’m seated high on a black velvet throne with a hot herbal wrap around my neck and a glass of wine in my hand. A menu is handed to me. Am I in the mood for rose petals or lemon slices floating in my foot bath? Perhaps a Champagne rinse for my l... Full story
Play like a girl
Life in the cutthroat world of ladies' tennis leagues
Cheryl Smith sent an email to her tennis friends this past summer with some shocking news: She had just finished playing two hours of doubles at Los Caballeros Racquet Club in the hot sun, when her arm started hurting. “Then things went dark,&... Full story


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