Tea Time
The first known cup of tea is thought to have been poured somewhere in China around the third century, and since then the world has joined in. Brews from the true tea plant, Camellia sinensis, didn’t reach the shores of Britain until the 1600s.... Full story
The truth is mightier than the myth when it comes to Newport Aquatic Center founder Billy Whitford.
I had heard a lot of stories about 57-year-old Billy Whitford, the founder and executive director of the Newport Aquatic Center in the Back Bay, whom everyone knows as just Billy. Stories as in:“Billy is the Steve Jobs of California paddling.&... Full story
Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla finds her tempo as classical’s up-and-coming conductor.
Her name is Mirga GraĹžinyte-Tyla, weird diacritical marks and all, and so people are starting to call her just Mirga to keep things simpler and safer. Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, less than 30 years ago, she is slender, not particularly tall and, one... Full story
American Ballet Theatre’s ‘Nutcracker’ found a home in Orange county
On a Saturday morning in a backstage rehearsal room at Segerstrom Hall, 16 toy soldiers are marching in backward formation, morphing from two parallel lines into two rotating pinwheels. Though the outside girls are scrambling to keep in formation, an... Full story
Celebrating Frank Sinatra's Centennial
Michael Feinstein joins the Pacific Symphony for an evening of Ol' Blue Eyes
Frank Sinatra was born 100 years ago on December 12; the run-up to that date is seeing hundreds if not thousands of performances across the country. Many, inevitably, will be at the level of piano bar singers belting out “My Way,” predict... Full story
Gordon McAlpine's "Full Circle" Library Tale
Living the Unending Story
For 20 years, novelists, journalists, scientists, historians and other public figures have delivered lectures at the Newport Beach Public Library. I learned of the series when I was invited to speak there in March 1997. That long-ago night, I read fr... Full story
Making a Statement with Eye-Popping Jewelry
These natural wonders sparkle and shine
As fall and winter come to OC, the changes in our natural world are subtle. Most trees keep their leaves, the sun continues to shine and flowers keep blooming. In that setting, it’s a time for celebrations, galas and special occasions – p... Full story
Mauli Ola Foundation, A Breath of Fresh Air
How some of the world’s toughest surfers are helping kids with cystic fibrosis
Hawaiian big-wave surfer Kala Alexander and former world champion surfer Sunny Garcia have some of the heaviest reputations in the sport. No one messes with these guys. Alexander, who has the words “WOLF PAK” tattooed on his knuckles alon... Full story
Paul Musco's Heart of Gold
Even as he prepares to turn 90, with nine stents and an artificial valve in his heart, white-haired Sebastian P. “Paul” Musco works full time and is still cracking one-liners. He has a favorite about his father, an immigrant from Sicily w... Full story
Shopping with a Conscience: 5 Stores to Check Out
Boutiques and Brands that Do Good Are Always Fashion-Forward
Shopping has changed. In the post-great recession environment, more factors go into our choices than just getting what we want. These days the vast majority of us (more than 80 percent, according to a recent survey on corporate social responsibility ... Full story


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