Auto Future Shock
Visions of the next automobile era are materializing
As you’re sitting on the 405 in any given rush hour, staring at the long metal snake of traffic clogged with a million Nissan Altimas, with BMW 3-Series that look more or less like they did 10 years ago, and thousands of identical-seeming picku... Full story
Dreams of Floating Decadence
When it comes to superyachting, it’s definitely pay to play. And then pay some more. No, more. Keep going …
If you’ve ever Duffy-d by the Balboa Bay Club’s A Dock and coveted the 100-foot-plus superyachts berthed there, picturing yourself spooning beluga sturgeon caviar and sipping Dom Perignon as you lounge on a gleaming aft deck and watch sil... Full story
Horse Crazy
Why is South County a Mecca for all things Equestrian?
There are some people in the world who do not like horses, who see them as large, scary, smelly beasts. This article is not for those people. These six pages are for the people for whom the smell of alfalfa, horse sweat and oiled leather is a kind ... Full story
How They Roll
Style-savvy auto enthusiasts become fashion icons
You don’t have to be a car collector to love the hair-raising speed, the streamlined shapes and the romantic allure of fine vintage automobiles. Often auto enthusiasts express their love of cars through their savvy style. “When you think... Full story
Our Risk is Our Cure
The Pandora’s box lurking inside me opened the weekend I learned to ride a motorcycle.
Friends invite me down to their place in Laguna for a little getaway. It’s a lovely autumn day and perfect for a ride. The coastal breezes will salve my spirit as the ocean’s whoosh and saltwater tang work their magic on my clenched heart... Full story
The Nixon Attraction
Can history and politics compete with theme parks and beaches to lure visitors?
Last year Orange County was inundated with more than 47 million visitors who arrived with dreams of visiting Disneyland, tracking world-class surfers in Huntington Beach and exploring the seemingly endless supply of other epic attractions the county ... Full story
Elizabeth Segerstrom exclusive
Carrying on her husband’s legacy
If you have lunch with Elizabeth Segerstrom in her office, she will feed you filet mignon in a room where white flowers fill the centerpiece on a white marble table, where works by grand masters like Matisse grace alabaster walls. Along with your Fij... Full story
Fall for You
Fashion to love this season
Fashion never sits still. The long legs of runway models aren’t the only objects in motion this fall. It’s the tassels that shake, the skirts that flow, the sequins that shimmer. Like magnets, different materials and styles gravitate towa... Full story
Pick Up Stix founder Charlie Zhang helps youths achieve music dreams
When he was working for seven years in the rice paddies of rural China, digging trenches and seeding soil, and eating grass to fill his empty stomach, young Charlie Zhang possessed a single treasure: his brother’s old clarinet. He taught himsel... Full story
Putting on the Glitz
Golden décor brightens the home
Artisans from ancient Egypt and the Inca Empire had it right when they used gold to produce their timeless masterpieces. And as the world continues to be fascinated by these cultural treasures, designers have taken a cue from their centuries-old pred... Full story


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