Building the Dream Team
Nana-Ama Danquah made the medical system work to her best advantage, and you can too.
Thank you.   It was my last thought before the anesthesia took effect. I was having a hysterectomy as a means of dealing with a massive cluster of uterine fibroid tumors. I’d expected to be scared or, given the circumstances, hysterical (... Full story
Extreme Wellness
Boldly go where you haven’t gone before to feel – and look – your best
Full disclosure: When we sent different writers out into the county to experience the latest trending, out-of-the-box treatments and report back, we didn’t know whether to call this a health story or a beauty story. Was the premise, “When... Full story
Luxury at your fingertips
Why local entrepreneurs are transforming the nail salon experience
I’m seated high on a black velvet throne with a hot herbal wrap around my neck and a glass of wine in my hand. A menu is handed to me. Am I in the mood for rose petals or lemon slices floating in my foot bath? Perhaps a Champagne rinse for my l... Full story
Play like a girl
Life in the cutthroat world of ladies' tennis leagues
Cheryl Smith sent an email to her tennis friends this past summer with some shocking news: She had just finished playing two hours of doubles at Los Caballeros Racquet Club in the hot sun, when her arm started hurting. “Then things went dark,&... Full story
Revitalizing Travel Destinations
Combine a healthy getaway with luxurious pampering at these premier destinations
Faster than you can say “om,” the concept of healthy vacation travel has evolved from spartan weight-loss camps to a fast-growing, global wellness tourism industry. Hotels, spas and resorts have become an immersive headquarters for life-c... Full story
Can you pass the Coast Quiz?
Find out how much you know about the Coast lifestyle!
We all love life along our gorgeous coast. But how much do you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the actual Coastlifestyle? Find out just how much you know about who’s who and what’s what with our quiz.   If you get all 15 right, cons... Full story
Petal Power
Elegance blooms in this season's jewelry designs.
Bigger is bigger when you’re talking about this season’s beautiful baubles. Statement necklaces drenched in diamonds, not to mention large cuffs and glittering bracelets worn over long sleeves and gloved wrists, were high on shine at fall... Full story
The ruff life of coddled canines
These pet parents spare no expense for their four-legged family members
Weekly massages, personal cars, holistic healing, designer apparel. A dog’s life isn’t what it used to be. Pet owners – or “pet parents” as they’re called in the industry – spent more than $60 billion in foo... Full story
Up close with Misty Copeland
This superstar, the first female African American to be principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, takes the stage in The Nutcracker.
Ah, to be talented, in demand and a pioneer. To be asked to interview President Barack Obama and invited to grace magazine covers. This is the life of Misty Copeland, 34, ballerina, role model, newlywed and (coming soon) dancewear designer. How... Full story
Behind the scenes of the world's richest fishing tournament
In 1981, Bob Bisbee, who owned Balboa Island’s Marine Fuels & Sportfishing Headquarters, more commonly known as the island gas dock, was sitting around with some buddies talking fishing. They fell onto the subject of tournaments, ones in wh... Full story


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