2016 Physicians of Excellence - Directory Part 1
The Orange County Medical Association and Coast Magazine are proud to honor the 2016 Physicians of Excellence
Allergy & ImmunologyWilliam E. Berger, M.D.27800 Medical Center Road, Suite 244, Mission Viejo, CA  92691 - (949) 364-2900Adult and pediatric allergy and asthma Warner W. Carr, M.D.27800 Medical Center Road, Suite 244, Mission Viejo, CA&nbs... Full story
Activist Chloe Allred uses art to help others overcome shame
Look closely at the recent Academy Awards telecast of Lady Gaga’s riveting performance of her Oscar-nominated song, “Til It Happens to You,” and you’ll notice a young woman with intense hazel eyes standing right behind her. Ch... Full story
A primer to the county's best of the best for looking and feeling fantastic
I made my career as a fashion and beauty commentator on television, from the “Today” show to “Entertainment Tonight” and dozens of others, but I have to admit, when it comes to watching TV, my personal favorite was “Down... Full story
Artist Ted Baker
THE ARTIST: His first significant piece of art, in eighth grade, almost landed Ted Baker in trouble. The teacher took one look at Baker’s illustration of a World War II bomber and said, “You were supposed to do this yourself.” Consi... Full story
Brazilian Bomba
It’s time to step up to the caipirinha
Southern Californians enjoy our fair share of Latin libations notably the margarita and mojito. But if you’re feeling a bit blasé about the standards, it’s time to step up to the caipirinha. Think of it as the mojito’s artisa... Full story
Fashionably OC
Portion of proceeds to benefit JDRF and Orangewood Children’s Foundation
The county’s glitterati buzzed with anticipation at Dawson Cole Fine Art in downtown Laguna Beach on March 13. Fashion leaders, designers and stylists rubbed shoulders as they sipped cocktails and marked the official opening of OC Fashion Week,... Full story
Gay Old Time
Laguna’s once thriving subculture strives to stay relevant as times change
It was bingo night at Main Street Bar & Cabaret, Laguna Beach’s last gay club. Techno music chugged; strobe lights blinked. The game’s caller – a redhead drag queen named Endora – fussed softly over the prizes, like an ike... Full story
Hugh Hewitt's Morning Glory
A wild primary season turns up the volume for political radio host Hugh Hewitt
Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt sits behind a desk in his Orange County recording studio. Dressed in a blue shirt and red, striped tie, with his first guest ready on the phone, he slips the headphones over his silver hair, adjusts the mic and off... Full story
Ivan Spiers’ Beloved South Africa
Ivan Spiers may live in Laguna Beach, but he’s a global kind of guy, hopping all over the world with little notice. Spiers, who owns restaurants-with-a-view Mozambique and Skyloft in Laguna Beach, spent his youth in Durban, South Africa’s... Full story
Keep on Dancing
Essay by Hadley Davis Reirson
On a Friday morning in late January, I wound one of my 7-year-old daughter’s blond hairnets around my stub of a ponytail and anchored the small bun with several hairpins (also on loan). A leotard was more of an issue. Nostalgia was responsible ... Full story


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