Rosa Mundi by diptique blooms at South Coast Plaza
Coming Up Roses The storied diptique brand began with three friends in 1961. Each of the founders loved the arts. One was a painter, one an interior designer, and the last a theater director and set designer. The partners opened their firs... Full story
Deepak Chopra's love advice
Believing in true love can be much easier than attracting it, much less holding on to it. In this month of commoditized romance, red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, we sit down one-on-one with Dr. Deepak Chopra, bestselling author, spiritu... Full story
New, notable and buzz-worthy titles in literature
Argentinian author Mariana Enriquez chronicles various strains of street life in Buenos Aires with “Things We Lost in the Fire,” a visceral, deeply disturbing collection of surreal stories reminiscent of both Shirley Jackson and Roberto B... Full story
The Laid-Back Life of Erin and Rob Estes
Erin and Rob Estes can’t agree on how long they have lived in San Clemente. Erin says three and a half years and Rob thinks it’s five. Their confusion is understandable considering the couple have spent the better part of the past decade ... Full story
Alex Kirby’s life in Newport Beach’s fast lane
Professional race car drivers these days get their start as kids, gunning go-karts as early as 5 or 6, but 23-year-year-old pro racer Alex Kirby didn’t climb into a go-kart until he was 18.He and his dad, Jim, were watching a Formula One race o... Full story
An old flame
Sparking serenity in the new year
A good candle does more than just light a room. It’s beautiful home décor. It’s perfume for a space. It captures the allure of all those around. Start the New Year by luxuriating with this essential must-haves that will transport y... Full story
More news from around coastal Orange County
GroundbreakingWe know Segerstrom Center for the Arts as Orange County’s cultural hub. We also know the plaza between the center’s two performance halls as a stately but, let’s be honest, sterile space. That’s about to change ... Full story
Don't think resolution, think reboot
Have you ever gotten to the point in life where you think, “I can’t keep going like this”?Not to sound too dramatic, but that’s where I was at the end of 2016. I was worn out, wrung dry, fed up. It’s not that my life was... Full story
Go Pro
Tips from hair, makeup and skin care experts
Hair Expert: Dusty Simington, stylist at Salon Gregorie’s, Newport Beach If you’re still sporting a bob, it’s time for a change. Take inspiration from the big ’80s and ’90s influence that we’re se... Full story
Luxury at your fingertips
Why local entrepreneurs are transforming the nail salon experience
I’m seated high on a black velvet throne with a hot herbal wrap around my neck and a glass of wine in my hand. A menu is handed to me. Am I in the mood for rose petals or lemon slices floating in my foot bath? Perhaps a Champagne rinse for my l... Full story


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