Vegas? You bet.
March Madness brings out the big gamblers and a party scene. Here’s where to wager and cheer in style.
The true madness that lies within the heart of March Madness, the annual fixation that is the three-week NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, isn’t inside any arena nor in the tens of thousands of offices where otherwise conscientious worker... Full story
Coast Questionnaire
Marcelo Gomes
To say that Marcelo Gomes is an accomplished dancer is an understatement. After joining American Ballet Theatre in 1997, he became a principal dancer in 2002. In the years since, the Brazilian-born Gomes has put together a string of iconic roles, inc... Full story
The Ocean is his Canvas
British-born Malcolm Warner sits on top of the world as executive director of Laguna Art Museum
Raised in the British military town of Aldershot, outside of London, Malcolm Warner found a welcome escape in the pages of art books, entranced by distant landscapes and the faces of people who lived centuries ago. He studied art at the University of... Full story
One Door Away from Heaven
Dean Koontz finds sanctuary in his Newport Coast home, designed with a writer’s eye for detail
Dean Koontz doesn’t get out much and that’s entirely by design.The author of thrillers, such as the recent “Saint Odd” and scores of earlier best-sellers such as “Watchers” and “Intensity,” says he like... Full story
Bridge to the Future
A new view of Newport Beach Civic Center and Park
Though austerity advocates and recently elected council members may disagree, the architectural community’s consensus on the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park is as clear as the ocean view from the end of its pedestrian bridge. The design by ... Full story
The Tribe at Water's Edge
A new photography book brings back evidence of a seriously cool global clan.
Photography by Joni Sternbach Long ago, in my college years, I took a class in semiotics. The first day there were 30 students and we were greeted by a bearded professor wearing tattered Birkenstocks and offering a challenge. “Your entire gr... Full story
Cameo Beach
The beaches at Cameo Shores in Corona del Mar are rocky, not your typical sandy ones. However, they provide exceptional opportunities for photography, exploring the tidepools and practicing your hiking skills over slippery rocks.... Full story
The OC skies
... Full story
Year-End Investment Decisions
What are year-end investment decisions?Year-end investment decisions may sometimes result in substantial tax savings. Tax planning may allow you to control the timing and method by which you report your income and claim your deductions and credits. T... Full story
Cuisine: Filomena's Italian Kitchen
A family-owned eatery in Costa Mesa blends family and bold flavors
Linda English loves comfort food. When you walk into Filomena’s, her Costa Mesa restaurant, instantly you feel as if you’re visiting a friend’s house. “In Italian homes, everyone always gathers in the kitchen,” she says.... Full story


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