Alex Kirby’s life in Newport Beach’s fast lane
Professional race car drivers these days get their start as kids, gunning go-karts as early as 5 or 6, but 23-year-year-old pro racer Alex Kirby didn’t climb into a go-kart until he was 18.He and his dad, Jim, were watching a Formula One race o... Full story
An old flame
Sparking serenity in the new year
A good candle does more than just light a room. It’s beautiful home décor. It’s perfume for a space. It captures the allure of all those around. Start the New Year by luxuriating with this essential must-haves that will transport y... Full story
More news from around coastal Orange County
GroundbreakingWe know Segerstrom Center for the Arts as Orange County’s cultural hub. We also know the plaza between the center’s two performance halls as a stately but, let’s be honest, sterile space. That’s about to change ... Full story
Don't think resolution, think reboot
Have you ever gotten to the point in life where you think, “I can’t keep going like this”?Not to sound too dramatic, but that’s where I was at the end of 2016. I was worn out, wrung dry, fed up. It’s not that my life was... Full story
Go Pro
Tips from hair, makeup and skin care experts
Hair Expert: Dusty Simington, stylist at Salon Gregorie’s, Newport Beach If you’re still sporting a bob, it’s time for a change. Take inspiration from the big ’80s and ’90s influence that we’re se... Full story
Luxury at your fingertips
Why local entrepreneurs are transforming the nail salon experience
I’m seated high on a black velvet throne with a hot herbal wrap around my neck and a glass of wine in my hand. A menu is handed to me. Am I in the mood for rose petals or lemon slices floating in my foot bath? Perhaps a Champagne rinse for my l... Full story
Martin A. Brower's Along the Coast
Well-known Dining options change, expandAmong the flurry of news out of the dining sector is the opening of Harvest, the restaurant at the Ranch at Laguna Beach, a sprawling hotel complex nestled into a canyon and including the Ben Brown nine-hole go... Full story
Pop Art Design
An OCMA West Coast exclusive
The Pop Art movement, born as early as 1945, captured America’s fancy in the 1960s and has never stopped. Now-familiar artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein elevated everyday items like soup cans and comic strips into bold art. At t... Full story
Questionnaire: Can working out help your mind?
Ballerina-turned-celebrity trainer Andie Hecker believes it does.
You might not recognize Andie Hecker’s name, but you probably know the names of people whose bodies she’s sculpted with her personal training. Her client list reads like a Hollywood and fashion industry who’s who, including Orlando ... Full story
Shelf Awareness
New, notable and buzz-worthy titles in literature
Opposites attract when two visual artists from working-class backgrounds forge an irrevocable bond in Kayla Rae Whitaker’s debut novel “The Animators.” After college, the best friends move to Brooklyn and are poised to become art wo... Full story


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