Bite-sized news nuggets for foodies
Behind the Scenes with TLT Food’s Daniel Shemtob
At first glance Daniel Shemtob looks like a typical 28-year-old hipster – wavy black locks, just the right amount of semi-groomed facial hair and the signature cool-guy smirk. But Shemtob, who spent his formative years in Newport Beach and Irvi... Full story
Classic opulence in Laguna Niguel
Renovating a Dream House
It didn’t start out as a lovefest between homeowners Dave and Genell Schlotterbeck and interior designer Anita Borrelli, now with Von Hemert Interiors, but with the completion of the couple’s dream-home renovation high in the Laguna Nigue... Full story
Join the party on pot legalization?
Around Memorial Day, this headline appeared in The Orange County Register: “Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: I use medical marijuana for my arthritis.” This wasn’t Willie Nelson talking about using marijuana, or Snoop Dogg, or Woody Harrelson... Full story
San Clemente’s Patty Farmer writes the books on Playboy
Yes, she’s a former fashion model, but that’s not how Patty Farmer became an expert on Hugh Hefner, let alone how he engineered jazz music’s appeal in popular culture. The author of “Playboy Swings! How Hugh Hefner and Playboy... Full story
Twila True expands upscale nail empire
Kiehl’s customized We’re used to having everything from our morning smoothies to our margaritas made just the way we want them. Starting next month, you can also have skin care tailored for you is easily every bit as essential to your we... Full story
Bluewater Grill does the perfect lobster
Let’s be real: this dish isn’t from around here. It hails from a different part of the country, thousands of miles away. It might just be from a different era too – a time when East Coasters wore “bathing costumes,” gath... Full story
Fashion's fabulous fruity finds
Designers are showcasing a whimsically delectable vibe this summer. The lip-smacking looks are infused with a mix of vivid colors inspired by farmers market jaunts, trips to lush orchards and bites of succulent fruits. Ensembles and accessories are b... Full story
How to make Settebello’s peach of a Bellini
Settebello’s specialty is its artisanal Neapolitan-style pizzas. But this summer the quaint Newport Coast eatery features another Italian classic: the Bellini. Inspired by Harry’s Bar in Venice, Settebello’s mixologists have revamp... Full story
Local Olympian Sam Mikulak talks the Rio games and why he loves Big Corona
U.S. Olympic gymnast Sam Mikulak never forgets his Southern California roots. Neither does anybody else. Mikulak, a 23-year-old Newport Beach native, is known as “Hollywood,” the surfer dude, the epitome of California cool. Credit his goo... Full story
Marissa Wayne wrangles happiness in Costa Mesa
She’s a 50-year-old business owner with a husband and two children. But for many in Newport Beach, Marisa Wayne will always be John Wayne’s little girl. “That’s cool, you know?” Wayne says with a laugh. “I love to... Full story


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